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Local politics Hesse 2021

Local elections were held again in Hesse on March 14, 2021. Time to generate attention for the Green List Büttelborn (GLB) again. Read more...
Published: 14.4.2021
Categories: Graphic design

Flexible ORION Bausysteme

The website from Orion-Bausysteme had to go responsive. For some reasons… Read more...
Published: 13.6.2019
Categories: Web design

Short animation sequence for ORION building systems

Published: 31.5.2019
Categories: Animation

Responsive redesign for CFI

Published: 22.7.2018
Categories: Web design

Icon development for software

Realization of an application icon and a toolbar icon set from 2009 with vector graphics. Read more...
Published: 25.4.2017
Categories: Graphic design Screen Design