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The ORION Bausysteme website also had to be responsive. There were two good reasons for this:

  1. Better usability for all visitors with their different end devices.
  2. Google is now promoting support for mobile devices (smartphones). Pages that are not also optimized for mobile devices are penalized in the ranking. Websites that are not optimized for mobile devices are disadvantaged in the search results or are not displayed at all.

In order to make a website optimally usable on different end devices, responsive web design is usually the method of choice. Because it offers the following advantages compared to an additional mobile website:

  • There is only one website that needs maintenance.
  • No duplicate content problem, no different URLs for the same content
  • no double administration, no double statistics and SEO results.
  • Depending on the initial situation, the conversion is not too complicated. In the best case, only a new CSS style sheet file needs to be created. In practice, there are usually some changes to be made. If a Content Management System (CMS) is used, some templates have to be adjusted. However, it is usually less effort than a complete rebuild of the website.

Since the ORION Bausysteme website uses Drupal as the CMS, everything could be done by exchanging extensions (modules) or code changes to templates and CSS files. The biggest changes to be made were:

  • The previously used image gallery Slimbox2 proved to be not touch-compatible and responsive-unwilling. But a good replacement was found in the Image Lightbox.
  • The previously integrated videos on YouTube had a fixed size. Therefore, everyone had to get a new embed code that now supports responsive web design.
  • Tables have been used on several overview pages. These have been replaced by "floating" containers that are much more adaptable to the available space.
  • The navigation menu needed some additional JavaScript support to be more usable on some mobile devices.

For those interested: ORION Bausysteme

ORION Bausysteme has been offering an extensive range of "street furniture" (city design objects) since 1980. In addition to canopies in very flexible modular systems, this also includes bicycle stands and bicycle parking systems. Above all, the passenger shelters in the public transport sector and the legendary BETA bicycle parker in its many variants are known. The range of street furniture ranges from ashtrays to showcases for displaying information material.

Published: 13.6.2019
Categories: Web design