Short animation sequence for ORION building systems

A short black and white animation sequence was required to complete a product video for BETA EnergySafe, which explains the following sequence at the beginning of the video:

  • Someone is cycling
  • Arrive at bike parking station
  • Talk with payment and handing over of the key
  • Walk to the bike stand with e-bike charging facility

As a result, no additional video shooting was required for this, which would have been associated with costs and a great deal of time.

According to the storyboard, about 20 seconds were estimated for this, in the end it was 18 seconds. At the frame rate of 12 frames per second, this resulted in 220 individual frames that had to be created. This was mainly realized using conventional technology: hand drawings on tracing paper, which were then scanned. Further optimizations were of course carried out digitally - e.g. B. complex backgrounds were only drawn once and then copied into the drawings.

Here you can see this small 18-second sequence, which was then delivered in HD resolution.

For those interested: The product to be explained

The BETA EnergySafe bike stand is the combination of the well-known BETA bike stand and a locker system with an integrated charging station for e-bikes. So a nice offer for excursion destinations that want to offer their cyclists a comfortable additional benefit.

You can see the full product video here:

Published: 31.5.2019
Categories: Animation