Poster with vector illustration for schools

At the end of the event, a poster should be presented to the participants of an advisory event for school administrators as a "thank you". It should of course also be striking and useful. The visual metaphors used (e.g. rivers flowing into each other) are familiar from the content of this and previous events and are therefore predetermined. The poster can also promote communication within the teams. Displayed in a central location at many schools, it provides information about current projects.

The preliminary sketch of the poster

The poster therefore fulfills several purposes:

  • it is an attractive giveaway for event participants.
  • it should be a practical tool for structuring and communicating in teams and that people like to look at.
  • it should be able to be written on with erasable whiteboard markers and wiped off again. This keeps you flexible and the poster can even be used several times.
  • the balloons have a minimum size so that a standard sticky note fits inside each one.

The number of balloons (approx. 5) and the minimum size quickly resulted in the poster size of DIN A2 even in the sketch phase.

Vector illustration was chosen as the illustration technique, as its size-independence guarantees good image quality, especially for poster formats. And the linear, flat style fits ideal for this striking application.

Conveniently, a standard print shop product was also found, which is laminated with a wipeable film. This meant that the poster could be produced quite cheaply in a small print run. According to credible eyewitness reports, it was and still is used with pleasure by the participants.

The finished poster
Published: 16.1.2024
Categories: Illustration