Technology update for the Programmhaus

For many years, a simple content management system (CMS) had worked perfectly well for the Programmhaus yoga studio. However, the lack of further development now forced a changeover to a new technical basis. It was a good thing that a graphic redesign was due anyway.

The popular WordPress was chosen as the new basis for the website. This is due to its widespread use and the many extensions (plug-ins) that are available for it. The advantages are as follows:

  • It is relatively easy to use and you can find a lot of help because of its widespread use.
  • There are a lot of available themes (virtually the layout of the website) that you can use directly or use as a basis for your own layout. Here the layout was created as a child theme of the theme Author theme.
  • Plug-ins (extensions) make it easy to add additional functions: image galleries, calendars, event and store systems, etc.
  • if the theme is designed accordingly, the pages are automatically optimized for viewing on mobile devices.

However, there are a few difficulties that you may encounter when making such a change:

  • Not every plug-in works with every theme. You need to allow some time for searching and testing.
  • WordPress and the plug-ins and themes need to be updated frequently. Security holes are constantly being found and WordPress is a popular target for hacking attacks due to its widespread use.
Published: 13.5.2016
Categories: Web design